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Twizy after 2016 Tuning


Sold in two different versions, the Twizy has two different targets (in Europe) :

  • Twizy 45 which is considered in Europe as a light quadricycle and can be driver by young drivers. (depending on the country : 14 or 16 years old drivers)
  • Twizy 80 is a heavy quadricycle, requires a classic driving license (like any other car).

Twizy Tuning

European leader in Twizy Tuning since 2014, we have provided more than 1000 customers with a “Plug and Play” solution to tune their Twizy, at home.

Since June 2016

Things changed from June 2016 as Renault decided to deploy a new Software Update on new Twizy. Any vehicle that has been produced after June 2016 is equipped with this new software that cannot be “Software-Tuned”.

Our solution for Twizy 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019

Faced with this impossibility of modifying the parameters of the vehicle; we have developed a more “radical” solution that consists of replacing the controller (which has been restrained by Renault) to install unlocked software.

The solution for the 2016 models and after is therefore the replacement of the controller (SEVCON) and the installation of a Tuning Kit in the glove box.

This box enables the vehicle to get more torque and achieve higher top speed. A big improvement in this tuning is that the Tuning Kit can now dynamically adapt the performance of the vehicle according to the engine temperature and the batteries; guaranteeing excellent performance and perfect reliability. (we added an extra layer of security)

If you are interested in this solution for latests models, we invite you to order it today by clicking on the button below.

Find the production date of my Twizy

Unfortunately, no information regarding the production date is available on the vehicle’s papers. The only information we have is the date of first registration of the vehicle.

However, you can give us your chassis number (VIN) and we will get back to you by telling you if the vehicle is before JUNE 2016 or after. (depending on the manufacturer’s production date)

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