Fast and easy to install, tuning your Twizy only takes 10 minutes. It allow you to reach the top speed of 93kph and increase the torque up to 70Nm.

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Want to give your Twizy 80 a boost ?

Thanks to our Plug&Play solution, tuning your Twizy only takes 10 minutes.  No technical knowledge is required on your side, you just have to plug the tuning kit and we will tune it remotely for you. (see “Process” tab)

TwizyX performance after tuning

From factory, Twizy 80 has 57Nm of torque and has a top speed of 83kph. With our 80 “light” tuning, the same Twizy is brought to 70Nm and drive up to 93kph.

You want more ?

We have developed an even better software for Twizy 80. If you want the best in terms of performances, check this out.


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