Tuning for your Twizy 45

Like many Twizy 45 owners, you are tired of being left behind and being the victim of dangerous situations? Our Tuning PowerBox for Twizy 45 allows in a few minutes and with a disconcerting ease to tune your Twizy 45 in order to improve the acceleration and especially increase the maximum speed.

Simple and quick to install, unlock your Twizy 45 in just 10 minutes. Allows to reach a maximum speed of 83 kph and a torque of 45Nm.

Below is a summary table of the performances obtained:

Version Torque Maximum speed
Stock 32.5Nm 45 kph
TwizyX 50Nm 83 kph
Gain + 53% + 84%

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Twizy 45 Tuning PowerBox

This tuning box for the Twizy 45 is compatible with the models of the following years:

  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016 (BEFORE JUNE)

For all models (45 or 80) built after June 2016, we invite you to visit the product Twizy tuning 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

Tuning your Twizy 45

Thanks to our Plug & Play solution, you can reprogram your Twizy in just ten minutes. No technical operation is required on your side, you just plug in the box, turn on the ignition and press the D/N/R buttons for 5 seconds (depending on what will be indicated in your installation guide)

Strongly better performance

The original Renault Twizy model 45 develops 32.5 Nm and only reaches a speed of 45km/h. Thanks to our box, reach 45Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 83km/h.


Regarding the range of the Twizy 45 after reprogramming, it depends mainly on the type of driving that will be adopted.

Many factors also influence range, including:

  • average speed
  • accelerations
  • outdoor temperature
  • vehicle mileage
  • whether or not to use the motor brake
  • etc

On average, our customers experience a 5 km decrease in range. In addition, it will still be possible to keep the original range, you just need to have a lighter foot on the accelerator and you will have at least as much range as the original.

In some circumstances (very hilly routes), some customers manage to gain range through debridement.

If you are interested in the issue of range, we have written a full article to see here: Twizy battery range before/after tuning


Since 2012, we have tuned more than 600 vehicles in all European countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain,…

Very concretely, this shows that our modifications have been tested millions of times in very different situations, high temperatures, low temperatures, smooth or aggressive driving, long or short journeys, etc.

Actually, we never had any feedback regarding a reliability issue related to the modification!

So you can drive <del> with your eyes closed</del> as you wish without risking the slightest problem

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