Do you want to give your Twizy a boost ? TwizyX TuningKit is the product you need.

Increase top speed, acceleration and many more parameters using our TuningKit.

Before placing an order, please note the difference between models before and after June 2016.

Before JUNE 2016 :

Our solution is a remote tuning; you order the tuning kit and you plug it to your vehicle when received.

A technician will then connect to the tuning kit remotely and proceed to tuning. When tuning is done, you have to send the tuning kit back to us; that is why we ask you to pay 100€ deposit. This deposit will be refunded as soon as we receive the tuning kit back.

After JUNE 2016 :

The price of this solution will be higher than for models before 2016 as we have to replace parts from the vehicle (SEVCON controller) in order to allow customers to go back to stock settings if they need to.

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