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Do you want to boost your Twizy ? The TwizyX Tuning Kit is what you need ! Increase top speed, acceleration and many more using our tuning kit. Choose the tuning you want and checkout.

Our solution is a remote tuning. You order the tuning kit and plug it into your Twizy when you receive it. One of our technician will then take remote control over your Twizy to make the desired tuning. Once done, you have to send the tuning kit back to us. In order to make this process as safe as possible, we ask a 100€ deposit to make sure the tuning kit we’ll be sent back to us after the tuning. This amount will of course be refunded when we receive the kit back.

Twizy produced after JULY 2016 are equipped with a new software, we are working on a solution that would allow us to tune these models. If you want to receive updates, we invite you to sign up on our newsletter in the bottom of this page.

Our tuning :